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After finishing this series (just a few minutes ago at the time of writing this), I’m left with a discerning attitude of awe, appreciation, and a sense of, “did I really just watch a 22 episode series? Because it feels like I watched ten episodes two episodes ago” in my roster of immediate feelings. As the saying goes, time does indeed fly when you’re having fun. And I’ve had yet another series worth of fun in this amazing rendition of a post-modern, cyberpunk, sci-fi story set in a dystopian city disguised as a utopia.

Psycho-Pass is a story based around futuristic technology that exercises law enforcement and several other life governing ideas through a system (called the Sibyl System) which determines a person’s likelihood to commit crimes, which is an example of the ability of said system to quantify a person’s personality, stress level, motives, and so forth (a collective set of functions which is known as a person’s Psycho-Pass). Paired with this are the members of the police force who carry out the judgement through Dominators (personalized gun-like weapons that, by authority of the system, determine the aforementioned numbers of this system by aiming at individuals and granting or denying the wielder permission to paralyze for custody or kill [determined by the system’s automated use of the weapon’s safety lock feature]) as the Public Safety Bureau, which are at the surface categorized as Enforcers (latent criminals as determined by the Dominators who act as hunting dogs for the Bureau since they’re not full on criminals) and Inspectors (detectives who monitor and instruct Enforcers), charged with the task of crime fighting and solving (because… there is a lot of crime in this series).

So, in other words, it’s a cyberpunk police story. And as one may expect from such a series, it’s pretty dark (as one might expect as the creator of this series also created the Madoka Magica series, among others). And by dark, I mean that it sheds light on some of the darker areas of human nature and a society that prides itself on being perfect… but is it really? The kind of light it sheds, isn’t the kind that overpowers the darkness you witness, but instead the kind that allows you to travel in it without running into every which obstacle… night vision, if you will. Then again, you might still run into things, but at least you SEE yourself doing so, which is less scary, right? Maybe.
And that’s where I believe this series wins. It grants you several opportunities to question the horrors that humanity is capable of without making you want to stop watching (in fact, it made me want to watch ten episodes, two episodes at a time… wait, I did indeed do that, right? Right?). It’s just that good.

By exposing the corruption of humans through unique and diverse turns of events, developing the already compelling cast of characters (I mean, already lovable characters, but with realistic flaws that don’t make you hate them, yet you still hope they improve as individuals because you just love them), setting the plot brilliantly and then executing it brilliantly, showcasing true voice talent and an awesome soundtrack, treating the viewer intelligently, and ultimately unapologetically being itself while still having that “watch me, I’m good” charm, Psycho-Pass proves to be a series you’re excited to watch, through every cliffhanger, plot evolution, and articulate line from a character’s mouth. And while this claim may be subjective, I stand by it enough to say that I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it and has read through my jumbled collection of words up to this point.

While flaws are probably present, my enjoyment of the series simply overshadowed them, if I would have even noticed them in the first place. Not even being biased, it’s proving difficult for me to find anything about the series I disliked or found out of place. And being biased, I’d be compelled to say that this is a must-watch because it’s amazing and wonderful, and it’s now in my roster of favorites. So… watch it!

Can’t wait for season 2 (albeit it having a different director) this fall (2014), as well as the re-edited episodes airing this summer of the same year :D
Probably gonna buy the LE Blu-Ray set too… much joy.

My phone’s camera didn’t capture how orange the sky was, but it still captured how pretty it is.

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